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    For thirty five year old Hidayat Hussain,the good looking and charismatic son of the Indian musical genius Ustad Vilayat Hussain,coming to India to perform at various concerts is a truly rewarding experience.I may be settled in the US, but every time I come to my beloved country to perform at concerts,the spontaneous outpouring of affection and praise by the people is simply amazing,says the famous sitar player,who has also earned his stripes as a famous classical vocalist.In fact,his repertoire of vocal prowess doesnt need any introduction.Hidayat recently toured India in connection with the release of his latest album Sanwariya. The album,according to Hidayat,elivers the sonorous melody of the sitar in its purest form and the perfectly toned vocals that usually accompany it.Even though Hidayat keeps performing in European countries also,he still finds India the best place when it comes to getting due recognition and appreciation for his talent.I wont say people in foreign countries dont understand Indian classical music.They do In fact,over the last few years,people have started understanding the subtleties of classical music.But the kind of environment that you get in India while performing cannot be found elsewhere in any part of the world,says Hidayat.Having spent his childhood in various parts of India, this young sitar player remains nostalgic about India,and he mostly prefers to come to India during summers to enjoy the fresh and delicious mangoes,the main fruit of that season.Talking about Delhi,Hidayat says that it has changed tremendously,especially after the Commonwealth Games.Delhi has changed beyond recognition,no doubt,it is a world class city,with good infrastructure and Metro.Moreover,it is also becoming musically inclined,he adds.Talking about the future of classical music,Hidayat exudes a rare optimism.Even two decades ago,we would rarely have music concerts in various parts of the country.In Delhi,I have heard there are regular music concerts these days which give a platform to talented youngsters. More and more youngsters are showing interest in playing the tabla and sitar," says the sitar maestro.And,how about working in Hindi film industry I would definitely love to work in Bollywood.It is producing some really good movies and we have some talented young directors in the industry now. Bollywood is in fact experimenting with every aspect of the medium, from music to theme to actors.So,there is definitely scope for talented musicians looking to break fresh ground.

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