Pandit Jasraj

  • Birth Name Pandit Jasraj
  • Born 28-01-1930
  • Occupation Artist
  • Year Active 1945
  • Origin Hisar, Punjab
  • Career Graph

    Career beginnings

    Pandit Jasraj is a much acclaimed artiste looming large in the present-day horizon of Indian Classical vocal music. Endowed with a marvellous voice, Pandit Jasraj has the rare ability to control its reach and richness in a manner essentially his own. Born at Hissar in 1930, Pandit Jasraj inherited his musical propensities from his father, Pandit Motiram of the Mewati tradition. But it was his eldest brother, Pandit Manfram, who groomed Jasraj in the true gurushishya parampara. Pandit Jasraj's style of singing is marked by commurticative alap, imaginative bol-taan, playful sargam and a variety of sprightly, cascading 'taan' patterns. Pandit Jasraj's presentation of bhajan is marked with devotional fervour.

    Latest Awards


    • Samagana Matanga award

      Samagana Matanga award -2012


    • Swathi Sangeetha Puraskaram

      Swathi Sangeetha Puraskaram -2008


    • Padma Vibhushan

      Padma Vibhushan -2000


    • Padma Bhushan

      Padma Bhushan -1990


    • Sangeet Natak Akademi Award

      Sangeet Natak Akademi Award -1987


    • Sangeet Kala Ratna

      Sangeet Kala Ratna
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