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...Then I Met My sister

...Then I Met My sister

...Then I Met My sister
...Then I Met My sister

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You can' t miss somebody you never knew. It's not exactly easy living in a shrine to your dead sister. Since birth, I've known that everyone loved Shannon. She was perfect -beautiful, smart, talented and me? Not so much. My parents always expected me to live up to her greatness. But I could never measure up to her, so why even try? This summer, I've started reading the journal Shannon kept just before she died . and suddenly nothing is what I thought it was. The more secrets I learn about Shannon and our family, the more everything changes and as it turns out, facing the truth is no cakewalk, Either.

ISBN 13 9788184953824Pages 288 Publication Date
Author Publisher Jaico Publishing House Language English Category Literature & Fiction FormatPaperback
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