खुदा गवाह (Khuda Gawah)



Afghani Pathan Baadshah Khan falls in love with Benazir and wants to marry her.But she tells him that she will marry him only if he gets the head of Habibullah who killed her father.Baadhshah Khan travels to India where Habibullah is in jail he chops his head where he is comforted by Jailor Ranveer Singh.Baadhshah promises him to return back and surrender within a month after marrying Benazir.Baadshah does saw an surrenders himself where his childhood friend Khuda Baksh remains guardian to family.Pasha wants to revenge the death of his brother Habibullah and kidnaps Ranveer Singh’s daughter Heena.Baadshah manages to escape to free Heena but Ranveer Singh gets killed by Inspector Mirza.Mirza’s wife kills him and Baadshah takes both the murders on himself and sentencing him to 15 years of imprisonment.Benazir sends Khuda Baksh to India as Baadshah’s return is delayed.Khuda Bkash comes with a message from him that he is dead putting Benazir into depression.

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