हसीना मान जायेगी (Haseena Maan Jayegi)



Prem babu is a famous jeweller of the city. He is leading a happy life with bis wife Lakxmi, daughter Sujata and two sons, Vljay and Ravi. An Arab Sheikh hands over his costly Aabnoor diamonds to Prem Babu to make a necklace. Dharamdas., an old enemy of Prem Babu gets those diamonds stolen. Prem Babu has to sell everything he has to pay the value of those diamonds. Vijay and Ravi suspect Dharamdas and set out individually to get the diamonds. But finally they unite and make a master plan to get the diamonds from Dharamdas. Will Vljay and Ravi be able to get back the lost riches and happiness of their family?

  • English Subtitles

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