तकदीर (Taqdeer)



Industrialist Deean Saheb has two sons, Randhir and Ranveer. He wants Randhir to invest the family’s treasure, hidden beneath a temple, outside the country, but Randhir refuses, arugemtns ensue and Randhir moves out, and starts his own business, a coal mine. Shortly thereafter, there is an accident in the mine, over 300 miners are killed. Randhir is framed for this disaster and is sentenced for 20 years imprisonment. Ranveer decides to do away with Randhir’s family bby car accident in which only his wife dies leaving behind son Vikram and daughter Chandni. As fate could have it Vikram is found by Ranveer’s wife and she decides to bring up the child as her own. Chandni is discovered by Hira Bai. After the term ends, Randhir is disccharged and finds his daughter. He also gets to know that his wife and father are dead, his second child is missing believed to be dead, and Shiva, is waiting to kill him.

  • English subtitles
  • All Region DVD
  • Interactive Menus of Songs and Scenes for Easy Access

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