नज़राना प्यार का (Nazrana Pyar Ka)



Anuradha is an orphan who has found a mentor in kind-hearted Mahesh Kumar Gupta. She decides to re-locate to the city and be close to him in Bombay. After a few misadventures, and being rescued by a gallant Kishore, she settles down with Gupta, who would like her to marry his son, Raj Kumar. Anuradha has fallen in love with Kishore, but does not want to upset Gupta, and so she accordingly agrees to this marriage. Then Raj brings home a beautiful young woman named Usha, who he has fallen in love with and got married to. After a few temper tantrums, Gupta does accept Usha as his daughter-in-law. What Gupta does not know is that Usha has married Raj to inherit his vast wealth and estate and be close to her lover, Prem Kishen, who also has an on-going affair with Anuradha. Things get really complicated when Prem is killed, and Anuradha is arrested by the police for killing him.

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