परम्परा (Parampara )



In a remote region in modern day India; there exist a tradition which involves the settling of differences by fighting a duel with pistols loaded with a single bullet in each of them. This deadly tradition takes birth when Thakur Bhavani Singh kills Shankar, the head of the tribe of gypsies. Years passed by with the Thakur’s son, Prithvi Singh, returning from London only to befriend, Gora Shankar, the son of Shankar and is introduced to his daughter, Tara so much that they eventually fall in love opting to get marry. Unfortunately, Bhavani Singh arranges Prithvi’s marriage with wealthy, Rajeshwari and is enraged when Prithvi informs him about his involvement with Tara thus Gora is threatened with dared consequences prompting Prithvi to marry both Tara and Rajeshwari. A displease Bhavani then instructs his men to massacre the gypsies as well as torch the entire tribe. A pregnant Tara give birth to a baby boy, Ranvir and then perishes. Gora then closes in on Bhavani only to find himself arrested by the police and is sentenced to jail. In the meanwhile; Rajeshwari also give birth to a son, Pratap and after his release from jail Gora once again confronts Bhavani for a duel but Prithvi intervenes only to be killed. Gora takes away Ranvir and relocates while Pratap is raised by Rajeshwari and Bhavani. 20 years later Ranvir and Pratap meets and befriend each other and it is not long after their reality stands expose where-by they must now settle scores by ways of the old tradition – setting the stage clear for one to emerge victorious while the other dies.

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