08 Minute Pilates: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced



From the creators of the original 08 Min Abs comes 5 energizing NEW workouts. This 30 minute workout is a quick-hitting collection of floormat and transitional exercises that will provide the most efficient Pilates workout ever. Workouts include popular moves such as the Hundred, Crisscross, Thigh Lifts, and Passei in the proven :08min Fitness format. Whether your goal is to lose inches or lose stress, this heart pumping routine is proven to tone muscles, enhance fitness, increase energy and promote general well-being of mind and body. Just choose your skill level and get ready to get more fit in less time! An easy introduction to Pilates, which combines yogalike positions with traditional floor exercises. Viewers can select any of three levels — beginner, intermediate or advanced — depending on their ability.

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