1st Bath by Avid Dancer


Avid Dancer’s debut album “1st Bath” out on Grand Jury Records. Avid Dancer is the music project by Jacob Dillan Summers. Jacob Dillan Summers has been many things. A sheltered fundamentalist Christian kid. A world champion drum-line drummer. A marine. A lovesick transplant to icy Alaska. But in July 2014, he was just a man stabbing a nail into his own palm to draw enough blood to paint with. This is the story behind Avid Dancer – the nom de musique under which Summers is releasing his first full-length album 1st Bath.


NoTrack NameArtist
1All the Other GirlsAvid Dancer
2Stop Playing with My HeartAvid Dancer
3All Your Words Are GoneAvid Dancer
4I Told You SoAvid Dancer
5Not Far to GoAvid Dancer
6All the Things You KeepAvid Dancer
7MedicationAvid Dancer
8I Want to See You DanceAvid Dancer
9Whatever's on Your MindAvid Dancer
10Nobody ElseAvid Dancer
11Why Did I Leave You BehindAvid Dancer
12Up Against the WallAvid Dancer


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