A Beautiful Lie by Thirty Seconds To Mars


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1AttackThirty Seconds To Mars03:09
2A Beautiful LieThirty Seconds To Mars04:05
3The Kill (Bury Me)Thirty Seconds To Mars03:51
4Was It A Dream?Thirty Seconds To Mars04:16
5The FantasyThirty Seconds To Mars04:29
6SaviorThirty Seconds To Mars03:24
7From YesterdayThirty Seconds To Mars04:07
8The StoryThirty Seconds To Mars03:55
9R-EvolveThirty Seconds To Mars03:59
10A Modern MythThirty Seconds To Mars02:59
11Praying For A RiotThirty Seconds To Mars01:45
12Battle Of OneThirty Seconds To Mars02:47
13HunterThirty Seconds To Mars03:55


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