A Journey – Vikas Gupta – Raga – Gaud Sarang



1Raga Gaud Sarang - AlapVikas Gupta12:51
2Raga Gaud Sarang - Jor JhalaVikas Gupta08:01
3Raga Gaud Sarang - Gat in Jhaptaal (10 beats)Vikas Gupta08:23
4Raga Gaud Sarang - Gat in Teentaal (16 beats)Vikas Gupta05:18
5Raga Gaud Sarang - Gat in Drut TeentaalVikas Gupta13:01
6Raga Pilu - AlapVikas Gupta15:09
7Raga Pilu - JorVikas Gupta09:55
8Raga Pilu - Gat in Drut TeentaalVikas Gupta06:03


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