A Prisoner’s Scrap Book

By L. K. Advani



If the emergency was the darkest episode in India’s post – 1947 Nonfiction, History, the struggle against it, which ended with the victorious restoration of democracy, is by far the brightest episode.Shri L.K. Advani, Home Minister of India, was one of the heroes of that struggle.Emergency may be a distant memory now, never to be revisited, but every new generation needs to revisit, in books and in works of art and Nonfiction, Culture & Religion, both are dark and bright chapters of its nation Nonfiction, History for illumination and inspiration.This book will help the new generation, as well as the generation that experienced the draconian Emergency rule, to know both the prisoner and the undemocraticmindset and establishment that had turned India, for nineteen fateful months, into a prison.

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