आ अब लौट चलें (Aa Ab Laut Chalen)



Inspired by his friend Raniit, Rohan (Akshaye Khanna) decides to go to America to fulfill his ambitions. In America, Raniit refuses to help him. Instead he gets better friends they give him shelter and he in turn gives shelter to Pooja (Aishwarya Rai). Pooja develops a soft corner for Rohan. But, he doesn’t reciprocate. Then comes Loveleen (Suman Ranganathan) an American bred Indian girl who he feels is the stepping stone for his success. He leaves Pooia for Loveleen. Heartbroken Pooja goes to work for Mr. Balrai Khanna who instantly takes a liking for her and feels that she can be the ideal wife for his wayward son Karan. Rohan is blinded by the glitz and glamour of the American high society. Where as Pooja’s heart bleeds for him. Will Rohan & Pooja meet or will she marry Karan.

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