Act One: Music For Inanimate Objects by Subjective


Double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold sleeve. 2019 release. DJ, producer, visual artist, actor and visionary Goldie MBE is set to join forces with revered engineer and producer James Davidson under the alias Subjective, releasing their first collaborative project, Act One Music For Inanimate Objects, on September 21 via Masterworks. There are few names in the music industry that have achieved such a profound impact upon the culture of dance music as Goldie. Since his boundary-pushing debut Timeless, he has continued to create, challenge and revolutionise a sub-culture already known for it’s experimentation. Act One Music For Inanimate Objects is the latest example from the autonomous producer. Making up the other half of Subjective is James Davidson, described by Goldie as an “exceptional engineer and an unsung producer in his own right” who has previously released via Metalheadz (under the alias Ulterior Motive with Greg Hepworth), and also helped produce Goldie’s 2017 album The Journey Man. This relationship organically progressed on to collaborating in the studio, “following the water as opposed to a strict concept”, Goldie adroitly explains. This was the birth of Subjective. Act One Music For Inanimate Objects is one of Goldie’s most accessible pieces of work to date. But make no mistake; this is still the producer at his uncompromising, unapologetic best – fusing classical, ambient and electronic elements with the ingenuity that only a trailblazer as himself could do. Combine this with James’ own creative flair, and an engineering prowess that allows them to explore a range of tempos, emotions and sonic landscapes with complete freedom, and it’s clear to see Subjective is the making of two artists born with a predestined compatibility.


1Midnight MonsoonSubjective
3Find Your LightSubjective
1Rift Valley - Terri WalkerSubjective
2Silent RunningSubjective
2I Saw Her Last SummerSubjective
3Stay - Tyler Lee DaleySubjective
1Landscape - PortraitSubjective
3Find Your Light - BeautySubjective


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