Adios I’m a Ghost by The Moondoggies


Vinyl LP pressing. After two successful releases and a seemingly nonstop touring/live show schedule, Seattle’s #1 sons continue their brand of soothing, soulful, rocking barn burners and beautiful ballads. Adiós I’m a Ghost is a quintessential Northwest record that captures the raucous boogie of their debut and the symphonic sadness and delicate nature of their sophomore release and marries the two to make what can only be called “The Moondoggies sound.” Lovingly and beautifully recorded at Bear Creek Studios, this is Moondoggies at their finest. Seattle’s favorites today, tomorrow the world’s.


1I'm a GhostThe Moondoggies
2Red EyeThe Moondoggies
3Annie Turn Out the LightsThe Moondoggies
4Midnight OwlThe Moondoggies
5PrideThe Moondoggies
6A Lot to GiveThe Moondoggies
7Stop SignsThe Moondoggies
8Start Me OverThe Moondoggies
9One More ChanceThe Moondoggies
10Back to the BeginningThe Moondoggies
11Don't Ask WhyThe Moondoggies
12Adi S I'm a GhostThe Moondoggies


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