Adoration of Blasphemy & War by Goatblood


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Goatblood raise the bar of madness again: ‘Adoration of Blasphemy and War’ is the first full-length by these satanic Black/Death Metal-disciples. There is no doubt about the band’s priorities: low-tuned guitars, a crushing bass, massive drumming and the satanic shouts of Satanic Death Vulva give distinction to the sound. If you’re into the war hymns of REVENGE, PROCLAMATION or BLACK WITCHERY


1The Appearance of the GoatlordGoatblood
2Sado LiquidatorGoatblood
3Animal Anal AcrobaticGoatblood
5Eve Pisses on AdamGoatblood
6Deluge in HeavenGoatblood
7Bombing BloodGoatblood
8Necromorph Application PointGoatblood
9Human Waste DisposalGoatblood
10Trident WorshipGoatblood
11Op VulvaGoatblood
12Ascension to the SouthGoatblood
13Mary Fisted AmenGoatblood
14Trumpets of BaphometGoatblood
15La Chisea Della CapraGoatblood


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