Again by Project Zenit


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Vinyl LP pressing of this 2014 EP. ‘Again’ is a song of lost love revisited, and the ultimate sadness that will always follow with these types of visitations. With an easy access groove, innovative treated guitar, and synthesizers pumping funk and skying melody, ‘Again’ is an amazing track worthy of it’s weight on vinyl. Remixes on the platter come from Balkan techno/EDM producer Climaxim, an amazing industrial edit from the band themselves, and from elusive Corsican separatist/dub techno producer Svevo. Climaxim’s take works the electronics and changes up the beat, while Svevo’s re-run brings the track to 8 minutes, with a classic halftime breakdown and massive organ solo. The band rework is more spacious and dirty affair, using inventive technique to recreate the song structure in broken shards of aggression.


1AgainProject Zenit
2Again (Climaxim Remix)Project Zenit
3Again (Svevo Remix)Project Zenit
4Again (Project Zenit Rework)Project Zenit


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