Age Hasn’t Spoiled You by Greys


Vinyl LP pressing. On Age Hasn’t Spoiled You, the Toronto post-punks, Greys, eschew their trademark frenzy for a more cerebral and cinematic affair. What results is a richly textured experience that draws influence from krautrock, industrial, hip hop, dub, jazz, ambient, drone and more, sometimes within the same song. That their blend of disparate sounds never obscures the album’s sharp focus is a testament to the group’s mastery of both songwriting and production. This is evident on lead single “These Things Happen,” which jumps from big beat psychedelia to CSNY harmonies and back again while Jiwani considers privilege, apathy, drug use, and content fatigue in one verse. With Age Hasn’t Spoiled You, Greys strive to exist in a similar echelon of bands that seek to shatter the boundaries that contain them.


2Arc LightGreys
3Constant PoseGreys
4These Things HappenGreys
5Kill AppealGreys
6Western GuiltGreys
2Burning ChromeGreys
3Shelley Duvall in 3 WomenGreys
4Static BeachGreys


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