Aggravatin’ Rhythms by Coffin Daggers


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– With influences from Link Wray, The Cramps and Henry Mancini, The Coffin Daggers – led by guitarist Viktor Venom – are simply one of the most unique groups around! – Available on both CD and on groovy green vinyl!


1Aggravatin' RhythmsCoffin Daggers
2InstigatorCoffin Daggers
3Ghost TrainCoffin Daggers
4The Sinister UrgeCoffin Daggers
5Uprising!Coffin Daggers
6The SpyCoffin Daggers
7Kreepy KrawlCoffin Daggers
8Wake Up ScreamingCoffin Daggers
9Three Blue StarsCoffin Daggers
10ConcussionCoffin Daggers
11Head onCoffin Daggers
12Side ArmCoffin Daggers


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