Akaash – Rahul Sharma – Raga – Chandrakauns



Rahul Sharma has matured into a fine santoor player in his own right and demonstrates the delicate beauty of his instrument in a dynamic performance. He is accompanied by the excellent Shafaat Ahmed Khan on tabla.

1Raga Chandrakauns - AlapRahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan09:11
2Raga Chandrakauns - JorRahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan07:24
3Raga Chandrakauns - JhallaRahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan06:32
4Raga Chandrakauns - Gat in Matta Taal (9 beats)Rahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan22:23
5Raga Chandrakauns - Gat in Madhya Taal (16 beats)Rahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan05:34
6Raga Chandrakauns - Gat in Drut Teentaal (16 beats)Rahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan18:17


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