All These Dreams [Import] by Andrew Combs


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Andrew Combs second album, All These Dreams, marks a huge step forward for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter. Using his gifts for lyricism and wry observation, Combs weaves tales of love, sin and redemption on the new album, in a style that brings together classic country and contemporary pop. Here, Combs continues to carve out his own singular path as an artist, finally reaching the heights of his Texas songwriting heroes. For All These Dreams, Combs called on Nashville producers Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson, who had recently co-produced Caitlin Roses the Stand-In. Combs became familiar with the producers while supporting Caitlin Rose throughout the U.S. and Europe. All These Dreams was recorded in Nashville with many of Combs long-time musical collaborators, including lead guitarist Jeremy Fetzer and pedal steel guitarist Spencer Cullum Jr. (of the instrumental duo Steelism) as well as bassist Mike Rinne, drummer Ian Fitchuk, and Lehning and Wilson on keyboards and percussion. I feel like this record has a much different thread that ties the songs together than Worried Man, which was more raw and bare-bones, in songwriting as well as production, says Combs. All These Dreams explores more complex arrangements, lyrics and musical tones. Roy Orbison and Paul Simon were definite different influences.


1Rainy Day SongAndrew Combs
2Nothing to LoseAndrew Combs
3Foolin'Andrew Combs
4Stange BirdAndrew Combs
5PearlAndrew Combs
6Long Gone LatelyAndrew Combs
7In the Name of YouAndrew Combs
8All These DreamsAndrew Combs
9Slow Road to JesusAndrew Combs
10Month of Bad HabitsAndrew Combs
11Suwannee CountyAndrew Combs


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