Amita Pagvi Gokhale – Raga – Lalat, Kedar, Bhairavi Thumri



Smt. Amita Pavgi Gokhale is upcoming vocalist of Hindustani Classical Music.She is blessaed to have been born in a family having music in their veins. She was groomed by her mother Smt.Shubhada Pavgi from her childhood. Her advance trainingunder the Gwalior Maestro Pt. Sharad Sathe has further polished her musical throughts and ideas all around. Her training also graced by valuable guidence from Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar.


1Lalit (Komal Dhaivat)Amita Pavgi Gokhale38:38
2KedarAmita Pavgi Gokhale28:00
3Bhairavi ThumriAmita Pavgi Gokhale10:28