Amy Bento: Kettlebell Squared Kb2



The best of both worlds (kickboxing with kettlebell intervals) collide on the KB SQUARED (KB2) workout DVD. You get Amy’s fun, self-defense, stylized kickboxing combined with kettlebell intervals. There are four kickboxing combinations and four intervals on this DVD. Inspired by her 8th degree black belt husband, Amy has incorporated some incredible energy and power into these kickboxing combinations. The music is the driving force behind this workout. Amy worked on the music list for many hours, hand picking every song to flow with each strike. In her mind, music makes the movement! The kettlebell intervals can be done with either a single bell or with double bells. Both options will be shown and/or mentioned when appropriate to the exercise. This workout should be done barefoot. You will feel the power of your body like never before, when you can ground your feet properly and strike like an MMA fighter. See you on the mat! Equipment List: 2 Kettlebells, Mat. Level: Advanced. 3 premixes included

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