Anagrams by Stephen Steinbrink



NoTrackArtistTrack Duration
1Absent MindSteinbrink, Stephen2:40
2Building MachinesSteinbrink, Stephen4:26
3Psychic DaydreamSteinbrink, Stephen3:21
4Impossible HandSteinbrink, Stephen3:12
5What Identity?Steinbrink, Stephen1:49
6CanopySteinbrink, Stephen4:11
7I'm Turing Inside OutSteinbrink, Stephen2:40
8Dissociative BluesSteinbrink, Stephen4:09
9AnagramsSteinbrink, Stephen2:40
10Black Hole / We Don't Say AnythingSteinbrink, Stephen3:07
11Shine A Light On HimSteinbrink, Stephen2:55
12Next New SunSteinbrink, Stephen5:46


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