Arrow by Gum Takes Tooth


London-based Gum Takes Tooth’s hyper-kinetic and unique approach evolved via drum-triggered electronics, manipulated to achieve a dynamic, rhythmically driven and flagrantly unclassifiable fury that flirts with both speaker-ripping psych-rock pyrotechnics and synapse-shredding acid house deliverance whilst stubbornly avoiding any of the trappings or clichés of either. ‘Arrow’ – their third album and first for Rocket Recordings, is both a portrait of their home-city in an increasingly alienating age, and a travelogue for an everyday journey involving battles for both time and space – searing and visceral yet suffused by melancholy and elegiac atmosphere.


1Cold Chrome Hearts (5:11)Gum Takes Tooth
2The Arrow (7:21)Gum Takes Tooth
3No Walls, No Air (7:01) Gum Takes Tooth
4Slowly Falling (3:11)Gum Takes Tooth
5(0.51)Gum Takes Tooth
6Borrowed Lies (7:59)Gum Takes Tooth
7Dream Circle - Cloud Cycle (1:08)Gum Takes Tooth
8Fights Physiology (5:03)
Gum Takes Tooth
9Seizure (1:43)Gum Takes Tooth
10A Still Earth (6:46)Gum Takes Tooth
11House Built of Fire (8:04)Gum Takes Tooth
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