Atletica By Powerstrike Vol. 2 With Ilaria Montagnani



ATLETICA by Powerstrike™ Workout 2 brings you a new series of weight training exercises. Ilaria will guide and motivate you to complete the workout and get stronger with each repetition! Atletica’s cutting-edge training is designed to sculpt the physique of an athlete. This sequence of exercises will melt fat, torch calories and build total body strength. High intensity intervals, demanding and rewarding, make each series a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Atletica is the perfect program to take your strength training to the next level. There are no shortcuts. Grab a challenging set of dumbbells and join the thousands of women and men who have transformed their bodies. Be prepared to sweat and test your willpower! Ilaria Montagnani, is a weapons expert and has a black belt in Shorinjiryu Karate. She is President and Founder of IP Powerstrike Inc., a fitness company based in New York. Ilaria has transformed the practice of Martial Art and become a globally recognized and well respected professional in the fitness industry. A gifted teacher with a competitive spirit, and an originator with innovative ideas about the industry, Ilaria Montagnani is an unstoppable force in fitness. IP Powerstrike Inc. was created by Ilaria Montagnani based on the belief that everyone can have a better, healthier and ultimately happier life if they pay respect and exercise and train their bodies. Our philosophy, Exercise makes you stronger for life, is at the core of everything we do and the heart of every program.

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