Ayurveda by DK




A practical, modern approach to tailor-made, traditional holistic wellness.New science has revealed the effectiveness of Ayurveda as a 360-degree approach to physical and mental wellness, tailored to the individual-from relieving stress and anxiety to healing the gut and nourishing the skin.This book directly delivers practical Ayurvedic advice according to your specific needs-just like having an Ayurvedic consultation. Using her extensive clinical experience, Sonja Shah-Williams has curated a collection of Ayurvedic practices and remedies including foods, oils, yoga, and meditation that you can apply to your need or situation: to aid sleep, increase energy, boost immunity, relieve digestive problems, and more. Step-by-step exercises show you how to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your daily routine to deliver maximum benefits: make spice-infused mood-enhancing tea, perform abdominal self-massage to ease gut pain, or practice an ancient breath technique to quell anxiety and lower blood pressure. Balance body, mind, and spirit with your essential Ayurveda toolkit for self care in the modern world.

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