Bad Vibes by Shit & Shine


Trapped in a nightmarish psychic landscape midway between the bars of Austin and the bass-bins of Berghain, Shit and Shine are back for the attack, volleying forth across the consciousness with a delirious voyage into the nether. ‘Bad Vibes’ is a singularly appropriate moniker for a collection of audial explorations that dauntlessly set off down labyrinthine mind-maps to oblivion, all the while with an Acid-House-style smile plastered on their face. ShitAndShine, a beastunderthe waywardownership of Texan transgressor Craig Clouse has – overthecourse of the last fourteen or so years and thirty plus releases on labelsasdisparate as Riot Season, Editions Mego, Diagonal and Load – proven itselfcapable of morphinginto new,terrifyinganddestructive shapesseemingly of its own volition. This fourth release for Rocket however is a culmination of everything Clouse has lurched towards thus far, infusing the monomaniacal mindset of techno and house with the Caligulan mania of The Butthole Surfers, as skeletal techno, sample-strewn collages, kraut-fried repetition and dementoid electronic scree are thrown into a blender with tantalising and terrifying results. ‘Bad Vibes’ is the sound of the Shit and Shine jalopy rocketing way beyond the speed limit on the lineage of the lysergic. Frankly, you’d better either get on board or get well out of the way. The Quietus ‘There’s no other band working today for whom the words ‘post-everything’ ring quite as true as they do for Shit & Shine. They’re utterly unlike anything else, but only by being sort of like everything else all at once’


1Bottle BrushShit & Shine
2Yeah, I'm On Acid! Shit & Shine
3Northwest PoolShit & Shine
Shit & Shine
57896Shit & Shine
6Backstage Passes!Shit & Shine
7Bad VibesShit & Shine
8Sunrise SamShit & Shine
9At the Bar On The RocksShit & Shine


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