बंजारन (Banjaran)



Thakur Uday Singh’s only son Kunwarjii comes home from town but on his way he meets Thakurbaba who identifies him as Suraj. One day he paints a picture of a girl whom he has never met in his life. In the same village, there is one beautiful woman by the name of Reshma who keeps getting nightmares & she is very upset about it. Her situation worsens when she finds out that her father has fixed her marriage with Shakti Singh whom she doesn’t like. One day Kunwarji meets Reshma, seeing her he realizes that the picture he had drawn of a girl was none other than Reshma. They fall in love but Reshma’s father doesn’t approve of their relationship so they decide to run away from the village. They take refuge in an old palace where they both meet Thakurbaba. Thakurbaba tells them about their horrendous how Kunwarji was killed. Thakurbaba also reveals that Reshma was his daughter in the last birth & he is the one who killed Kunwarji. Will their love succeed this time? Watch the movie to find out the climax.

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