Bernadette Giorgi: Attitude Ballet Pilates Fusion



Bernadette Giorgi presents a series of two fun yet challenging classes, designed so anyone can participate with no high impact moves. The focus is to improve muscle tone, strength, posture, balance, and flexibility. The gentle ballet moves with very light weights coupled with the Pilates based mat work was designed particularly with women over 50 in mind (but is suitable for all ages and levels of expertise) that seek a refreshing effective workout. Participate regularly and you will soon feel sleek, sexy, and strong! Workouts 1 and 2: Standing Warm-up; Gentle barre exercises performed free standing, holding onto a chair, or barre; Center Work toning & sculpting arms, legs, abs, & rear with light weights optional; Simple Pilates-inspired mat work for flat abs, lean waist; Ending Revitalizing Stretch for flexibility.

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