बीबर (Bibar)



Based on a raging controversial novel of the 80’s CALCUTA UNABHASHED (Bibar) deals with the angst of city youth in Calcutta, who are caught between the lures of a new, liberalized society and fast – fading traditional values. Biresh (Subrata Dutta) an invstingating officer in a finance companry is at heart a bohemian with no rigid values in life . In love, he is caught in a psycho-sexual relationship with a high society call girl Nita (Tannishtha Chatterjee).ln his office, his position becomes bleak as he refuses a loan to an influential person. He starts drinking heavily and starts visiting Sonagachhi the infamous red light area of Calcutta with his painter friend Hiren (Shilditya Patranobish). He also gets attracted towards a model. Iti (Payel Sarkar). Biresh, in a bout of self – destruction, vents his anger and frustration by strangling Nita, and stages his alibi through Iti. The police start investigating, but are unable to establish any motive behind the killing.

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