Big Vicious by Avishai Cohen



Charismatic trumpeter Avishai Cohen launched his homegrown band Big Vicious six years ago, after relocating from the US to his native Israel, rounding up friends to shape the music from the ground up. With guitarist Uzi Ramirez, bassist Jonathan Albalak and drummers Aviv Cohen & Ziv Ravitz. Textures from electronica, ambient music and psychedelia are part of the blend, so too grooves and beats from rock, pop, trip-hop and more. The debut album releases on April 10th. Produced by Manfred Eicher.

1Honey FountainAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious04:34
2Hidden ChamberAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious04:42
3King KutnerAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious04:10
4Moonlight SonataAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious05:30
5FractalsAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious03:33
6TeardropAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious07:24
7The Things You Tell MeAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious03:11
8This Time It’s DifferentAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious03:20
9Teno NenoAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious06:03
10The Cow & The CalfAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious03:55
11IntentAvishai Cohen, Big Vicious04:03