Bodyshaping: Beginner Fitness Workouts – Change The Shape Of Your Body



“You CAN change the shape of your body with the BodyShaping Beginner Fitness Workout DVD! Join the cast of TV’s BodyShaping as they take you through a great workout that will give you the trim and defined body that you’ve always wanted. Just follow the program, three times a week for great results. What are you waiting for? Let BodyShaping get you that perfect body you’ve always dreamed of. BodyShaping is the most informative fitness show of its kind, while also being entertaining. The talented cast is an ensemble of energetic professionals with expertise in all areas of health, fitness, and exercise. Cast members include Rick Valente, Kendall Hogan, Mary Jean Traetta, Page Langton, and Jennifer Dempster. Body Shaping’s Beginnner Fitness Workout takes you through: Basic Step • Spinning • Legs & Thighs • Hips & Buns • Legs & Calves • Upper Body: Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Chest • and more. Body Shaping changes the shape of your body!

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