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MARGE is a four-piece indie/punk band from the burgeoning DIY music scene of Philadelphia, PA. The catchy Bruise Easy is their debut full-length release for punk mainstay, Salinas Records. The thirteen tracks on Bruise Easy represent what the DIY music scene of Philadelphia is all about; excitement, heart, and honesty. MARGE came together as a band in 2013 for DIY Philadelphia’s, First Time’s the Charm Fest, a two-day festival showcasing new bands in Philadelphia’s DIY scene with a spotlight on female-identified, trans* and queer folks and people of color. After a few EP releases, a split with Philadelphia band GUNK, and some exciting live shows with bands like RADIATIOR HOSPITAL, SWEARIN’, WAXAHATCHEE, and LVL UP around the east coast, the band caught the attention of Salinas Records. Salinas Records offered to put out the bands first full-length record, and the band began work on what would become, Bruise Easy. Recorded in West Philadelphia at Sex Dungeon studios, by Dan Angel and James Ryskalchick over the course of one week, the songs on Bruise Easy bring the listener back to the sounds of bands like BELLY, THE BREEDERS, THROWING MUSES, and at times, THE RAINCOATS. Even though these bands are great reference points for someone that has never heard MARGE, the band gives a youthful punk spirit to the music that tended to lack in their predecessors. Bruise Easy brings to life the sentiments of 80’s and 90’s indie rock, while updating it for a new generation of frustrated youth. Bruise Easy flows effortlessly, and fills the air with an atmosphere and melody that most bands spend their entire careers trying to achieve. MARGE may not be the most technically proficient band of this genre, but they have something that most bands don’t have, heart. The raw production and emotional openness of Bruise Easy showcases the passion and heart that MARGE has become known for in the underground music scene. The lead track, ‘Give It Time’ and it’s follow up ‘Graveyard,’ invite the listener into MARGE’s world of vulnerability and warmth, while keeping an intimacy not found in the records of their peers. Bruise Easy is a record that has the ability to ignite a burning passion in the listener, and repeatedly captivate. MARGE have not only created a debut record that brings an older generation of indie rock fans back to a music genre they may have left in the past, but also opens up a whole new musical world for a younger generation of fans that are searching for a vulnerability and honesty in music they’ve been missing. Bruise Easy will be available on January 27TH on LP from Salinas Records, and Marge will be hitting the road in support of the LP in the following months.


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