Callanetics: Core Assets



Ignite your total body with this targeted, result-oriented program. Fire up the deep torso muscles to heat up your core, the muscles that wrap around your center as you challenge and re-define your hips, legs, derriere, midsection and upper body. Callanetics is a proven and highly effective training method, recommended by thousands, who have transformed their bodies in just weeks, using our layered series of precise movements. Produced and Directed by award-winning director Linda Shelton. Includes 3 individual programs plus one bonus workout.

1. Callanetics All-Out Core (25 minutes)- Target your entire torso with isolated and dynamic movements that whittles your midsection, leaves your foundation stronger and your body capable of doing anything.

2. Callanetics LRC: Legs/Rear/Core (25 minutes) – Super-effective toning at its best to hit those body parts you want defined and red-carpet worthy and keep YOU body confident all year long!

3. Callanetics Total Body( 40 minutes) – The perfect workout to blast your way to a stronger and more toned you! Hit your lower body, upper body and core, using precision sculpting techniques to zero in and give you the sleek, defined results you want.

Bonus Program (10 minutes) – Callanetics Upper Body Sculpt & Core: Unique exercises challenge your body; a refreshing way to tone and define your arms, chest, shoulders and back, with focus on your midsection in every exercise.

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