Callanetics Tone Zone: 4 Targeted Programs



CALLANETICS is a timeless technique with repeated proven results. Get into ‘The Zone’ with this brand-new DVD using Callanetics simple, yet focused exercises which have helped individuals successfully firm and re-shape their bodies for decades. Each ‘Zone’ targets a different part of your body. Our on-screen Pulse Meter keeps you on track. You don’t need more than 15 minutes to see your body transform in quick time.
Includes 4 Individual 15-minute Programs. Do 1…2…3 or do all four for a full body 60 minute workout, you can self-select your programs and order!
Program 1: Abs Plus – The best of Callanetics ab and core exercises, circuit style to give you a flatter midsection (Recommended equipment: Mat).
Program 2: Hips & Rear – A series of powerfully effective exercises to round and shape these areas, using the now famous Callanetics ‘pulse’ to work deep and focused (recommended equipment: Mat).
Program 3: Legs – Concentrated attention to shape, firm and define your thighs (Recommended equipment: Mat & Paper Plate).
Program 4: Get Flexible! – A series of ‘feel good’ stretches to relieve tight muscles and have more joint mobility, to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more Callanetics! (Recommended equipment: Mat).

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