Calm + Cents by Kevin Hearn


Current member of The Barenaked Ladies and former member of the Rheostatics, Kevin Hearn is a veteran of the Canadian Music pantheon. Now he has returned with the release of a solo collection of alternative/ experimental masterpieces. Whether it’s an audible deep dive into the creative mind of a Canadian music great, or a melodic commentary on the current environmental and political state of affairs in his home of Southern Ontario, this record offers a lot to digest and cordially invites you to do so


1TemagamiKevin Hearn
2Ghost BirdsKevin Hearn
3The Silent CollapseKevin Hearn
4Calm and CentsKevin Hearn
5The Chemical ValleyKevin Hearn
6NemophilistsKevin Hearn
7The Quiet OneKevin Hearn
8The River of MoneyKevin Hearn
9Alternative EnergyKevin Hearn
10GrimsbyKevin Hearn


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