Carpet Denim by Tijuana Panthers


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The Tijuana Panthers are back and this time they’re all grown up (kind of). Combining their signature surf rock with new experimentations in sound, Carpet Denim is the culmination of nearly three years of work and the band’s subconscious evolution into deeper, more personal places.Taking concepts that have long been percolating, this album is the musical version of a beachside, drop-top cruise — punctuated by deeply human lyrics. Carpet Denim hits deep notes of introspective darkness with songs like ‘You Died,’ a ballad-y jam that delves into the complex emotional wreckage of a father’s passing, and the album’s single, ‘Path of Totality,’ about a close friend of the band’s who lost the fight against alcoholism.These soulful forays are offset by Tijuana Panthers singular, upbeat sound, with the playful jam ‘Little Pampelmousse’ that celebrates fatherhood and refers to Phil’s nickname for his new, beloved baby. Then there’s ‘710,’ a spirited coast down memory lane that embodies the band’s signature sunniness – all while reminiscing about growing up in Long Beach.The culmination of the band’s many years on the road and making noise, Carpet Denim falls deeper into their weird and wild tendencies (there’s even a synthesizer that makes an appearance). It’s inspired by everything, from politics to the guys’ personal lives, Haruki Murakami and Twin Peaks. There’s the perfectly dissonant ‘TV People,’ a creepy little number that combines simple guitar with a roving bass to create an abstract jam that’s hard to forget.This album is the same garage-y Tijuana Panthers you love, but this time, they channel their unbridled energy into a moody maturation of their music. The band returned to their hometown of Long Beach, CA to record Carpet Denim at Jazzcats studio. Unlike earlier albums such as Poster and Wayne Interest – which were recorded in a flash-bang, marathon sitting, the band’s latest album was methodically assembled by Jonny Bell over multiple days. Pouring over production, Carpet Denim is a collective deep breath that weaves together years of songwriting — all jam-packed with summertime vibes, peaks of punk rock and Tijuana Panthers’ signature oddball adventures.


1Path Of TotalityTijuana Panthers
2First DateTijuana Panthers
3710Tijuana Panthers
4Little PamplemousseTijuana Panthers
5Owl EyesTijuana Panthers
6End Of My RopeTijuana Panthers
7Garbage PersonTijuana Panthers
1I Don't MindTijuana Panthers
2Generation SingularTijuana Panthers
3TV PeopleTijuana Panthers
4Different Side Of TownTijuana Panthers
5You DiedTijuana Panthers
6Rat TailTijuana Panthers
7Friday Night BabyTijuana Panthers


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