Charged Particle Beams by Stanley Humphries, Jr

By Stanley Humphries, Jr



“An invaluable reference for students, scientists, and engineers in the field of charged particle beams.” — Chiping Chen, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist, MIT
Detailed enough for a text and sufficiently comprehensive for a reference, this volume addresses topics vital to understanding high-power accelerators and high-brightness charged particle beams. The unified treatment employs physical models to introduce new insights into beam physics and provides students with the critical skills necessary for problem-solving.
Chapter-length topics include beam emittance, beam-generated forces, electron and ion guns, high-power pulsed electron and ion diodes, paraxial beam transport with space charge, high-current electron beam transport under vacuum, and ion beam neutralization. Other chapters examine electron beams in plasma, transverse instabilities, longitudinal instabilities, and generation of radiation with electron beams.

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