Christi Taylor: Totally Cool Step 2



Fitness legend Christi Taylor is back…and better than ever…with the all-new Totally Cool Step 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling Totally Cool Step. Just like all of Christi’s other famous step DVDs, Totally Cool Step 2 is jam-packed full of physically safe, fitness effective, and emotionally exhilarating choreography. You will safely strengthen your body and burn calories while putting a smile on your face and a joy in your heart! A true mind-body workout! Besides your 40 minute featured workout with Christi, there are two 13-minute bonus workouts presented by Christi’s newest protégé’s: introducing Alexandra’s Totally Cool Pilates, and Kristi’s Totally Cool Yoga! Christi has launched her Protégé Program that uniquely offers a platform for upcoming talent in the fitness industry.

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