क्लासिक – डान्स ऑफ़ लव (Classic – Dance of Love)



Doli [Meghna Naidu] is a bar dancer. She meets
Suraj [Vvikas Bhardwaj], a London-based tycoon’s son, who is in India for an assignment. Doli and Suraj fall in love and dream of a happy future. But the relationship bothers Surajs father [Navin Nischol], who requests his friend Dr. Ram Gopal Acharya [Mithun Chakraborty] to somehow put an end to it. Dr. Acharya is a preacher who preaches the difference
between paap and punya. Acharya insults Doli and calls her a woman with no scruples.
Doli joins Acharya’s ashram to expose Acharya’s
lustful intentions to his disciples. Will she be able to expose the Acharya or the Acharya be successful in his devious plans?

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