Color Of Noize by Derrick Hodge



Derrick Hodge is a celebrated composer and bassist who is equally adept on both electric and upright instruments. He is an accomplished session musician who has worked extensively across jazz, cinematic and R&B. New album, Color Of Noize, available on June 19th.

1The CostDerrick Hodge04:39
2Not Right NowDerrick Hodge06:26
3Little Tone PoemDerrick Hodge01:15
4You Could Have StayedDerrick Hodge04:44
5Color Of NoizeDerrick Hodge06:59
619Derrick Hodge04:57
7FallDerrick Hodge06:24
8Looking At YouDerrick Hodge05:11
9HeartbeatsDerrick Hodge03:32
10New DayDerrick Hodge05:28
11You Could Have StayedDerrick Hodge, Jahari Stampley02:58