Couples Workouts For Health & Happiness – Core & Flexibility



Welcome to Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness: Core & Flexibility with Gina Guddat and Larry Berg, a two part workout for you and your partner to do together. During this workout you’ll use your partner for balance and stability, incorporating a variety of exercises resulting in a stronger core and more limber, relaxed body. Get that flat stomach you have always dreamed of! The first half of the workout focuses on toning the abs and strengthening your back. Targeting these problem spots not only improves your posture, but also your physique. The second half incorporates slow dynamic and static stretches for better flexibility; increasing your range of motion and joint mobility, which in turn prevents injuries. After you have mastered this workout both you and your partner will be more flexible and feel better than ever before. ABOUT GINA GUDDAT: a fitness instructor for over 30 years who has owned her own personal training studio, as well as a Licensed Couple’s Therapist, Gina’s goal is to see couples become healthy and happy both physically and emotionally. She knows that couples who work-out together are more likely to stay together.

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