Crocheting Patchwork Patterns by Annette Lep

By Annette Lep



If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those remnants and half-skeins of yarn left over from your crocheting projects, this book provides an answer: “Patchwork” crochet projects. By combining “granny-type” squares based on quilt block patterns, you can make beautiful afghans, sweaters, and other projects. The blocks are so simple to crochet even a beginner can make them.
This book provides complete crocheting instructions (only one stitch is required) as well as helpful hints on materials, working the patterns, and finishing. Choose from these charming quilt block patterns: Baby Blocks, Simple Simon, Flying Pennants, Necktie, Basic Nine-Patch, Streak of Lightning, Pinwheel, Log Cabin, Whirlwind, Roman Stripe, Indian Hatchet, Mosaic, Shoofly, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, and nine more.
In addition to the patterns themselves, the author has included specific instructions for putting the blocks together to make five attractive and useful projects: Log Cabin Afghan, Mosaic Cardigan, Log Cabin Pullover, Sunflower Jacket, and Evening Star Coat.

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