Cycle All Terrain W/Brooke Hayward



CYCLE-ALL TERRAIN will give you the feel of an actual outdoor bicycle ride while indoors. The workout is designed for all levels: Beginning Ride — 14 minutes; Intermediate Ride — 28 minutes; Advanced Ride — 40 minutes; Long Advanced Ride — 58 minutes. Brooke Hayward is the director of Spinning for Club LaMaison Health & Fitness in Wayne, PA. With over 15 years in fitness, she’s ACE, IFTA & AFFA certified.
The DVD also has Workout Options and Mix & Match Options to personalize your own ride. First time cyclists should do just the Warm-up ride, Cool-down, and Stretch (14 minutes) Beginner level cyclists can do the Warm-up and the Pace Line ride. Pace Line is an interval type ride that leads the rider through fast and slow speeds similar to racing in a pack of cyclists (28 minutes). Intermediate level cyclists will do the Warm-up, Pace Line and The Climb. The Climb instructs the rider to increase the intensity similar to climbing a big hill (40 minutes). Advanced level cyclists will do the Warm-up, Pace Line, The Climb and Rolling Hills. Rolling Hills instructs the rider through various speeds and intensity changes similar to riding up and down hills (58 minutes).

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