Daves World Season 3 (1995-1996)



Based on Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry’s books (‘Dave Barry Turns 40’ and ‘Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits’), DAVE’S WORLD remains as relevant and hilarious as the day it aired. Miami newspaper columnist Dave Barry (Harry Anderson) returns in the third season of the classic comedy. Dave navigates the perils of fighting off maturity and embracing fatherhood with his supportive wife Beth (DeLane Matthews), two children (Zane Carney and Andrew Ducote), self-centered editor Kenny Beckett (Shadoe Stevens), bubbly assistant Mia (J.C. Wendel), plastic surgeon pal Shel Baylor (Meshach Taylor), and newly-hired handy man (Patrick Warburton). Life is never dull and material never in short supply for Dave’s humorous newspaper column as he attempts to exterminate an imaginary alligator and learns that honesty isn’t necessarily always the best policy. Rediscover DAVE’S WORLD’s charms for yourself in the 26-episodes of the show’s stellar third season on DVD.

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