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The monks of the Shaolin temple in Northern China were legendary for their great boxing ability and physical prowess. They became experts in body development, health, movement and fighting by carefully studying the grace and power of animals in nature. They found that complete physical fitness required stretching, breathing, isometrics, body awareness and sensitivity, balance and coordination. By combining these qualities into basic movements, the efficiency and effectiveness of exercising increases ten fold. In this extraordinary program, David Carradine (/Kill Bill/, TV’s /“Kung Fu”/) presents a complete fitness program based upon the natural, simple and graceful movements of the Shaolin Five Animals. It incorporates the secrets of the Shaolin Boxers into a cardio workout routine that thoroughly strengthens, stretches and energizes the entire body. David Carradine’s Shaolin Cardio Kick Boxing Workout will build your flexibility, endurance and power in ways you never thought possible.

*THE PROGRAM: *The Snake: Warmup & Flexibility. The snake is known for flexibility and fluidity of movement. This section teaches a full body stretch.

The Crane: Kicking & Balance. The movements of the crane are quick, light and graceful. This section emphasizes kicking and balance exercises that will work the legs, buns and abs.

The Leopard: Punching & Power. The leopard has explosive power, speed and agility. This section guides you through punching and boxing drills that develop the arms, wrist and hands.

The Tiger: Isometrics & Strength. The tiger is acclaimed for its great strength. This section uses isometrics and dynamic tension exercises to quickly and thoroughly develop muscle definition in the arms, chest and legs.

The Dragon: Cool Down & Internal Energy. The dragon represents the “Spirit”. This section explores internal energy techniques that will sharpen and focus the mind while relaxing and cooling the body.

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