Dawn To Dusk – Milind Raikar – Raga – Bairagi, Puriya Kalyan



Milind Raikar is renowned Violinist in today’s generation. Milind is Mainly disciple of Padmashree Pt. D.K. Datar and Gaan Saraswati Kishori Amonkar. In initial stages he has studied Hindustani Classical Music under the able guidance of his father Late Mr. Atchut Raikar. Milind Learnt from Pt. B.S.Math (Violinist from Dharwad) and Pt. Vasantrao Kanetkar(Violinist from Jaipur gharana)


1BairagiMilind Raikar21:52
2Puriya KalyanMilind Raikar55:24


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