Day One



“A terrifically good, finely acted, strikingly detailed and inevitably horrifying account of the race to develop the atomic bomb” (Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times), DAY ONE follows the true events surrounding The Manhattan Project, a research and development project introducing the first nuclear weapons during the Second World War. Brian Dennehy (First Blood, “Public Morals”), David Strathairn (Good Night, And Good Luck., “The Blacklist”) and Michael Tucker (“L.A. Law”) lead the all-star cast in the Joseph Sargent (Miss Rose White, Warm Springs) directed, Aaron Spelling-produced made-for-TV movie. Based on the book “Day One: Before Hiroshima and After” by Peter Wyden and written for television by David W. Rintels, the movie also stars Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild, “Sons of Anarchy”) and Richard Dysart (“L.A. Law,” “Spawn”). *Outstanding Drama/Comedy Special 1989

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